Send action Items when predecessors task are complete

Discussion created by fernandoguimaraes on Jul 15, 2009
Hi There:  I  have a demand to a project and the client are need a process or job  that control when the a project task is finished and  send a Action Item to the successor task assignment resources,  advice when the task  is ready to start  .               If the sucessor task has two dependent (predecessors task) the action item only be send when the two task was completed.I found a object (like "task dependece") that related with I need but I did not found it. In fact this job/process only check  if task dependences from a task are completed and send a action item to resources involved.       Is there some JOB or procedure  to solve my demand ?  I think this feature are used like a "robot-manager" ask the tasks  assignments when they are "able" to start the task.  Thanks  Fernando