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Availability Matching - NOT real time

Question asked by evillalva on Jul 17, 2009
Latest reply on Jul 18, 2009 by Dave
Steps to recreate:1) Click Projects (under Portfolio Managment)2) Select Project3) Select Team tab4)  Click the magnifying glass next to the role needing a resource  It appears that the results that are produced when I do a  search for role availability (clicking the magnifying glass) are not real time.   I ran a search two consecutive days without changing the resource allocation of a person and the correct  (expected)  Allocation appeared on the second day.   Please note that the resource's Allocations have not changed... just their Availability Match:  day 1: 56.09% Availability Matchday 2: 100 % Availability Match (the expected result)     The allocation and availability time slices are being processed overnight instead of real time. What do we need to change so that we can see true/actual Availability matching?  Thanks in advance for your help/suggestions.  Erwin