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Estimating Page on the Project Object View - Help

Question asked by bj on Jul 19, 2009
Latest reply on Jul 21, 2009 by vtleogal
I am new to Clarity Studio and being an administrator of our companies implementation of Clarity.   It is a new implementation and is hosted by CA as SaaS.  My query, we are making quite a few changes to view, pages and subpages on the Project Object, one which we wish to make is to hide the "Estimating" page or section when viewing a project.   For the   life of me I cannot find this under the object properties or view and cannot see where this might be from a security or groups and roles perspective.   We are not planning to implement or use the financials, resourcing or timesheets etc for some time and to simplify roll out, training and change management I  would really like to hide or remove this from the screen.  Any help is greatly appreciated.