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Active Portal, using SEARCH tool error code: 12001- HELP!

Discussion created by Keri Taylor on Jul 22, 2009
Latest reply on Jul 23, 2009 by Keri Taylor
Hello All,I am needing some help please.  Steps:  1. Run my report through Clarity2. Use the SEARCH tool to select my Report Fields  My report  includes a  ParallelSection with 4 reports and the subreport contains 4 flows. (please see *report attachment).  When i am using the SEARCH (please see  *active_portal attachment)  and select all the fields from the top of the report plus  the top left box (milestones box-3 fields), the search works. When selecting the top right box (issues/risks & resolution - 3 fields)  along with the previous selections, the error happens (please see *error attachment). I can choose all from the top and only one box of fields from the bottom section.  The question is simple... WHY???  This is driving me nuts, anyone have any ideas?