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Issues with Migration from Actuate to BusinessObjects

Question asked by tarnasky on Jul 23, 2009
Latest reply on Jul 29, 2009 by tarnasky
We are encountering two major issues with our migration from Actuate to BusinessObjects (CA cases are opened on both with no resolution yet).   I want to see if anyone else is experiencing these same problems, or better yet, has figured out a resolution to them:  1. Slowness in Rendering Reports:   When we run our reports via the Crystal Reports designer, they get generated within seconds.   However, when we run them from Clarity, they are taking minutes to generate.   The report viewer window opens, but is blank for a long time.    2. Errors When Running Reports:   We get errors running reports frequently (though not all the time).   Removing and reinstalling the Crystal Job server from the BO Central Configuration Manager helps temporarily.   Some of the errors wer are getting are as follows:     String out of range -1  Database connectivity error  Report linking error  Report not found  Report not configured     Thanks!