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Functional Question : Time Slicing and Post Timesheets

Question asked by Dave on Jul 24, 2009
Latest reply on Jul 27, 2009 by schardonstrunk
Hi - this isn't a problem or anything for me, I just have a question about people's experiences;    On the Clarity instance for which I am responsible, we have it configured without an "Incompatable Jobs" dependancy between the "Post Timesheets" and "Time Slicing" jobs.  (i.e. the two jobs can run together, at the same time if their schedule allows).  This has always been the case in this instance (from Clarity 7.5.1 thru 7.5.3 and now 8.1 FP03 (not SP04)).  --  HOWEVER a colleague of mine has said that in his (7.5.3 but started from 7.0 I think) instance of Clarity they DO have an "Incompatable Job" dependancy between "Post Timesheets" and "Time Slicing", so he can not have both jobs running at the same time (and one job must wait for the other to complete etc) - (he thinks it was because of some suggested probelm with "Deadlocks")  I can almost understand that "Deadlock" concern (both jobs will update the same table PRASSIGNMENT at some point), but not in a manner that I would think you might get a deadlock (indeed "Deadlocks" ususally indicate poor code-design rather than a "real" problem!).  --  SO : Do any other users have that particular "Incompatable Job" set (or unset)?   Has anyone ever encountered this mysterious "Deadlock" problem at all?  I've been running for 3.5 years with no dependancy and no deadlocks (that I know about!)  Thanks  Dave.