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OBS versus Partitioning

Question asked by Dotadmin on Jul 27, 2009
Latest reply on Jul 27, 2009 by tarnasky
Hello All  Please bear with me.  I am interested in the best way to keep my resources and plans for one agency separate from the the resources and plans I am about to add for a second agency. I have used OBS to identify my first agency. My Clarity Resource Manager  (she is responsible for the first agency ONLY!)  does not want to even see the second agency in any of her dropdown lists, resource pool, reports etc.  In short she wants a  totally separate instance of Clarity. (She is aware of filtering on OBS and will accept the OBS method if she must.)  I read up on Partitions from the Administrator Guide and also had my own preconceived ideas about what Partitions do. I thought I could create a parent and have separate instances beneath it. If I changed a field or screen in the parent, these changes would be reflected in the "children" as well. The folks at Clarity set us up with a parent and 4 instances in Prod and Test. In Test, I added new resources to the instance and I think I am able to log into this instance. When I log in as a Resource Manager, I see all of the resources and projects from the parent.  What am I misunderstanding with regards to Partitions? Do you think OBS is the best course of action for the situation I have described above?  Thank you in advance.  Larry