After Oracle upgrade to 10g, projects and report parms sort differently in

Discussion created by KathyJ on Aug 5, 2009
Latest reply on Aug 6, 2009 by KathyJ
Has anyone seen this before?   We are Clarity 7.5.3 fp06.   Just upgraded our  TEST Oracle db from 9i to 10g.   Now, when you click on the 'Projects' link, the projects sort differently than they do in production which is still 9i.   They are still sorting by project id but the numeric id's (i.e. 1004, 1005) come after the project ids like 'ABC' project.       In prod which is 9i, the numbered project id's sort before the letters.    No projects are missing, they are just sorted differently  after the upgrade.    Also, the report parameters sort order has changed in all reports.       For example:     In production  'Start Date' then 'End Date' are 2 parameters that are now sorting in test with 'End Date' before 'Start Date'.       The actual 'Parameter Sort' has changed inside each report definition.               Any ideas as to why they changed and/or how to get them not to change as a result of the upgrade will be greatly appreciated.     When  I see these idiosyncrasies I wonder if there are other underlying problems that I haven't caught yet.   Thanks...