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Failed to load database information, Business object

Question asked by Crust on Aug 6, 2009
Latest reply on Aug 12, 2009 by Milos
Hello  I have problem with BO on Sun Solaris 5.10. Clarity(8.1.3) and BO are on the one machine and the DB is on another machine(Oracle Error message "Failed to load database information". On the application server a have oracle client I installed everything from the CA Clarity original medium. The BO do not support the 64 bit java. I reinstaled it, but with the same result. When I try to connect to the DB thru sqlplus from the Solaris it wotk fine.
After Installation the BO the ras(reportjobserver) was disabled. I enabled it and it looks like, thet it works. Sometimes I have problem with restarting the BO server, the ras do not work. But When I restarted for the second time, the ras work fine. I installed the BO due the installation guide under the root user and than the BO switched under the clarity user. The installation was without any error message.

Any idea how can I fix this problem?