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Define process precondition

Question asked by DAVID_RAMIREZ_BANCOLOMBIA on Aug 6, 2009
Latest reply on Aug 20, 2009 by DAVID_RAMIREZ_BANCOLOMBIA
Hello All  I've been trying to define a precondition to evaluate this:  1. Imagine a simple process, 3 steps (start,delay,finish)3. I have configured the process flow as follows:   start->delay->finish2. On the delay step, I have defined a precondition that is defined as:   Days elapsed since the start step began >=  2.   What I want to do is that the process, once initiated, executes the action on the delay step, 2 days after the start step has started.3.The start and end steps don't have actions or conditions defined.  It doesn't matter how I try, I doesn't seem to work (it never evaluates the precondition, so the action in the step is never executed).   Is there a problem with how I'm trying to define the preconditions?.   They only work when I'm trying to join several paths on a   process?.  I have attached an example of my process definition, If there is any help you could give me it would be great!!.Best Regards!