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How is PRRMEXPORTED field on PRTIMEENTRY updated?

Question asked by Owen_R on Aug 12, 2009
Latest reply on Aug 12, 2009 by Owen_R
Hi All  We came across a problem where some project costs were not appearing when we expected them to.   Timesheets had been approved and posted and the actuals appeared in Clarity and in OWB.       We discovered that o ne of the resource's timesheets has 4 PRTIMEENTRY records, 3 for the project concerned and 1 for another.   The field PRRMEXPORTED exists on the PRTIMEENTRY table.   However the value of PRRMEXPORTED for the 3 records  was 0, the other record for another project was 1.   There were no costs for the 3 records in WIP although post transactions to financials had been run.   Re-running the 'post timesheets' and 'post transactions to financials' job corrected this "error" and set all the values to 1 and ultimately gave us costs. [left]   [left] We  have noticed that there are thousands of records with 0 in this field, however the majority are indirect rows so this could be correct, but there are some project time entries which do appear to be ok and should at first look have been processed. [left] We have raised a support call but would appreciate any information from the wider community on How PRRMEXPORTED is populated and why we might get a value of 0. [left] Many thanks [left] Owen [left]