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Crystal Reports -- failed to open the connection

Question asked by ClarityGuru on Aug 17, 2009
Latest reply on Apr 15, 2010 by SDM
I am some issues in running the Crystal Reports in Infoview. This is what i did  1)  Installed Crystal reports developer edition on my desktop.2)  Created a ODBC connecting to Clarity on my desktop3) Developed a Crystal Report using the ODBC (created in Step #2). The report is running fine.4) Now I saved the Report under the Custom folder (CTS) under Clarity Reports.5) Launch Infoview and try to run the report. I am geeting the error : failed to open the connection.  I think it is beacuse I created the ODBC on my desktop. How do I use the same ODBC connection which Infovirw is using it on my desktop.  Please let me know.