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Access to this Project - Full View Question

Question asked by vogtce on Aug 20, 2009
Latest reply on Aug 21, 2009 by Dave
I attempted to validate access to a project utilizing "Access to this Project - Full View " functionality. I received a much larger list of users than expected. When clicking the key symbol next to someone who should not have access the Access Rights Profile indicated global project rights such as ""Project - Create from Template", "Project - View Financial - All", etc.  I then had someone with the "Project - Create from Template" try to access the project but she could not view it at all. I suspect that the "Full View" section lists anyone with a global right without checking if that resource actually has View rights that would allow them to access the project to exercise that global right.  Can anyone  confirm my observations? I have a lot of nervous users out there believing access to their projects to be wide open...  Thank you,Claudia