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Other Companies using Clarity in a similar capacity

Question asked by dcharris on Sep 9, 2009
Latest reply on Nov 28, 2009 by RafaLarios
Looking for any other companies using Clarity in a similar capacity to that of Armstrong. We are trying to compile a list of some common ideas, issues, and concerns surrounding the use of this tool, and would benefit immensely by connecting with someone from a “like-useâ€? environment. We're also trying to get a feel for how well staffed we are; whether understaffed, overstaffed, or adequately staffed.  Here's a little more info about us...  [CLARITY USAGE SNAPSHOT]Years in Use: 5Clarity Version: 8.1 (FP03)Hardware: Windows 2003 (dedicated) serverReporting: Actuate 9Active Users: 1,200+Supported Business Units: 5User Base: Multiple business units, including NPD, IT, Compliance, etc.Modules: Ideas, Projects, Timesheets, Resource Management, Financial ManagementPercentage of Resources using Timesheets: 35%Active Projects: 14,000Active Reports: 75Active Portlets: 132    Thanks to everyone who replied thus far!  Dean C. HarrisIT Analyst/DevelopereBusinessArmstrong World Industries717/ Message Edited by dcharris on 12-09-2009 11:08 AM [left]