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Completed jobs ending up and staying forever on the scheduled jobs page

Question asked by another_martink on Sep 11, 2009
Latest reply on Jun 28, 2014 by urmas
Just wondering again...

In the ideal world the scheduled jobs page should have only the jobs that are scheduled to run in the future.
Typically that would about a single page which would make it easy to see when each job is scheduled.
In practice when a job is run manually the users do not bother to modify the default name and when the job is completed to remove it from the list.

Most of the available jobs are either defined or coded so that there will be no log entries.

The result of how the system works and how the users use it is the scheduled jobs list being several pages long having maybe hundreds of completed jobs which prevents the admin from immediately seeing the real job schedule once the first page opens. The same time the job log can be empty empty.

This is a poll question.

What would be the way the fix this situation

1. A job the admin can run that cleans the schedule of the completed jobs or jobs with any other status of the admins choice and allows the users to continue the bad practise as before or

2. Change in how the system works so that
- the scheduled page only has jobs that are scheduled in the future, processing, waiting or paused
- the completed jobs scheduled to run once or immediately would go to job log page like how things go to the normal logs
- whether or not the users have that bad practise of forgetting all about a job once it is run would have no effect on the readability of and access speed to the scheduled job page

Martti K.