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REVMGR-01027:Cannot copy staff plan...error on Forecast

Question asked by DanielSGHE on Sep 12, 2009
Latest reply on Sep 17, 2009 by Connie_Fu
Greetings all,  I've searched the KB extensively and can't find anything specific on this error:   "REVMGR-01027:Cannot copy staff plan because data is missing. Make sure the project is staffed and all tasks have a charge code."   A PM is attempting to create a forecast revision and is receiving this error message when she attempts to populate the forecast from staff plan by assignment.   Our projects are labor-only, although, this project has one role assigned to tasks in addition to named (labor) resources.   All tasks, including those with the role assigned, have a valid charge code associated to them.   This is the 30th revision of the forecast, yet the first one to receive this message.  I'm unable to find anything specific about what the resource/staffing requirements are for a forecast to complete.   Has anyone seen this error before or can point me in the direction of where to look?  We are running Clarity 7.5.3 fp 06 with an Oracle backend.   We have a development environment where we have 12.0.3 installed and this same project (copy of production data) forecasts ok in the new version.  TYIA,  Daniel