Great work done by Chris Hackett and CA

Discussion created by sundar on Sep 19, 2009
Latest reply on Sep 21, 2009 by samos
Dear Friends,     My sincere thanks to Mr.Chris Hackett and CA for bringing this forum "alive" and "Interactive".Earlier CA forums is not that much interactive and will not get imm response except some  Clarity Gurus like sangeet,martti & others will jump and respond.For Long time  i  searched whether there would be an Interactive forum  in Yahoo,Google  like  "oracle","people soft" but disappointed.  But suddenly in Linkedin the forum get started and going in full gear and now CA Forums had picked up like any thing.     My concern about this Clarity product there is an less skilled resources in clarity(When compared to the number of clients but now there seems to be picking up) who are really got the  "knoweldge" in this product.The main reason for that is to the training (Boot Camp)  is too costly and only very big clients send  resources for training and  also Computer Based Training provided by CA on several of the modules is only for the starters.The KB article sure will be an help but to an certain extent and from the Tech  Manuals is usefull or but not elaborate.     But suddenly in Linkedin the CA Clarity User forum got started and  went in full gear followed by CA Forums  that picked up like any thing.But getting an Quick response / advice  from the experinced experts is very good and can learn new things.i learned a lot from this Forum and it is really great to see people like Dave,Paul,Martti educating us in each every post they have replied.This is for other members too.Every one has Different views and variety of experience so that sharing that will be an Immense benefit for all members and their respective organisations.To me knoweldge is for sharing and  that allows  us / others to grow.T he best practices  used in clarity product in  one  company may be used by others too So  it is also helping Indirectly to  the Growth of this  Great  product and clients  will get maximum benefits of this Tool.     Once again thanks to Mr. Chris and big Kudos to  CA too...     Cheers,  Sundar