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Quick Question : Bubble Charts

Question asked by Dave on Sep 22, 2009
Latest reply on Jan 5, 2012 by rahul.agrawal03
I want to build some nice complex bubble chart portlets - (I've built some simple-ish) ones before so I think I get the basics.  I have some (I think dumb) questions that I can't immediately see the answer for... (search for "bubble" in the KB - no results, search for "bubble" in CA forums - no results (until know that is!!))  So;  Q1 - How do I affect the BACKGROUND COLOUR of the chart?   (The example in the Studio Developer's Guide under "Graph Portlet Types" shows a bubble chart with a Green/Yello/Red background) - I can't see how I affect that?  Q2 - How   do I affect the colour of the indivdual bubbles (can I do even this?) - whenever I have built bubble charts in the past the bubbles all come out in an order of colours depending on the query. The (same) example in the manual has a seemingly consistant usage of colours for the bubbles?  Is either of the above something I CAN do in bubble charts, or is the example in the manual misleading me?  I am on 8.1 FP03, but my "bubble chart experience" is based on 7.5.3 usage, so if it has improved in 8.1 then please let me know!  (I still only get 3 metrics when I construct the chart; the x axis, the y axis and the bubble radius)  Thanks for any clues....  David MortonCapgemini    EDIT : this is the example image from the Clarity manual;     Message Edited by Dave on 22-09-2009 03:27 PM [left]