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Where is there documented steps on creating our own Universe in BO? how to

Question asked by vtleogal on Sep 23, 2009
Latest reply on Sep 24, 2009 by Paul_Maxwell
I have read all the BO threads on here, and I have contacted CA support. I am very frustrated. We are a new client and must use BO. Support advised they have NO documentation on how to create universes! No information on even getting started. :(   We are not using Crystal Reports.  Our KT session (knowledge transfer) from CA in India said creating custom universes is "out of scope" and I cannot find ANY full user guide on how to use BO.  Does anyone have documentation/manauls on how to Create your own universe, how to pull in your custom attributes and ultimately how to use BO? CA does not even have courses available (don't get me started on all of this).. I saw the one thread  that listed  SAP links, but I wanted to know how other users got started, as I see threads around this topic, but nothing on getting started from scratch. I see others are doing this, so how did you get started?  It seems like there is a manual somewhere, but I cannot find it. The online help on Infoview does not address this. I wrote support to ask where Demand (Idea) data is? And they said I could get it by creating my own universe, but they have no information on how to do that . We are getting ready to do a roll out very soon and reporting is our biggest gap.can anyone assist? Thank you so much.