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How did you deal with Clarity 12 allowing multiple role assignments per pr

Question asked by DanielSGHE on Sep 23, 2009
Latest reply on Oct 1, 2009 by DanielSGHE
New functionality in Clarity 12 allows for the same role to be added to a project/investment multiple times.   Doing so automatically names the roles with a 2, 3, 4 (etc) after the role name.   We see this causing problems for us from a roll-up reporting and  capacity planning standpoint because we had to work around this in 7.5.3 by creating separate roles ('Student Consultant 1', 'Student Consultant 2', etc) to accommoadte for this.   It is our understanding that R12 is not able to roll up the figures for these multiple rolls so that we can determine what is our total demand vs. capacity, whereas, we could before (with  minimal manual  calculation)  because they were separate roles for us.   We seem to be unable to prevent this functionality in Clarity 12 (in other words, disallow PM's from adding the same role more than once) so while we could attempt to maintain the same policy of use, there's no way we could guarantee it's being followed.  How did you work around this issue if you had created multiple similarly named roles pre-Clarity 12 and now have the ability because of a new 'feature' to add the role multiple times?  Thanks!  Daniel