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How to link custom portlet to image on project list page

Question asked by sivasairam on Sep 29, 2009
Latest reply on Sep 29, 2009 by sivasairam
Hi  We are currently on 7.5.3 and would like to link custom portlet(instance type='Project') to image on project list page(similar to discussions, action items image). Let me explain in detail    Our organization wants to see all program(s) a project is linked to in Clarity. There is no OOB functionality(7.5.3) by which we can achieve this(unless I missed something). The only OOB functionality that Iam aware of is to see what projects are linked to program  but not the otherway.    I developed custom portlet with instance type as project and added this portlet  to Project Dashboard. When I go to project dashboard of any project, it shows all programs that this project is linked to. So far so good.    User  can  see this portlet with two clicks  1.  Click on  project name in project list page which directs to project properties page2. Click on project dashboard tab.  Users  wanted to achieve this with single click from project list page and I came up with below workaround  1. Add an image in project list page. We had some custom images other than OOB2. Link that image to project dashboard tab  Now when user clicks on image, it is directly going to project dashboard of project. Iam  ok with his but not my users    There are 4-5 OOB portlets on project dashboard page and when user clicks on image  in project list page, it is taking lot of time to open project dasboard as there are OOB portlets on the same page as custom portlet.      So,    I tried to link image on project list page to stand alone portlet/portlet page  to show all programs of that project. Now how can I pass internal ID of project into this portlet and link this portlet to image in project list page?      Hope I explained my issue in  detail    Can someone help me with this?  ThanksSiva