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Reset Resource Allocations

Question asked by CindyK on Sep 29, 2009
Latest reply on Oct 5, 2009 by Paul_Maxwell
We are developing steps for a PM to follow when closing out a project after the standard PM closing has occurred (i.e.. Lessons learned, etc.).   During this process we want to release staff members.   This would include on the Team page resetting the default allocation to 0% so that the allocations no longer show up for the various resources, if the finish dates happen to still be in the future (appears that PMs can't modify finish dates unless they have hard book access rights to the resource).  Is there a negative impact to changing the default to 0% or should we create a new span of 0% allocation from the end of the project forward?     The quickest way to make this change is to select all, click More, Set Allocation and just add 0%.          Also,  we have found a security issue where the PM can only change the allocations on the staff they have hard booking access rights to.     We only allow hard book rights to be granted to  the RM.     Has anyone found a way around out to set up a PM to change allocations on staff?     Even when we tried to have the PM put in ETC and then Allocate from ETC - they don't have the rights unless they have hard book rights to the resources.  Thanks.