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Requisition discussion Email -Help Needed

Question asked by sundar on Oct 2, 2009
Latest reply on Nov 10, 2010 by Bharati

we are using resource requisition via an process.At each and every stage an action item (E-mail) is triggered to the next level approver.In the requisition itself we have added an column called
Comments for the approver comments.The approver checks the requisition and he approves / reject.The main concern they want to use the Dicussion tab in the requistions and it should be between
the requistion raiser and other approvers but as stated below the mail is sending to all all resources with requisition rights.Our mgmt is really frustrated with this option.If the approver wants to
clear his doubts he should start an discussion with the users whom he wants or that specific requistion approver & whoever had raised but why this is made as an common option. Checking the notify participants checkbox will send an mail to all having   requisition rights.i know this is an known issue but we need to handle it.

i think even in v12 is the same option. we may loose our grip in using clarity here as just only started using resource requistions,demand mgmt and they are not at all happy with the features.
How other clients are handling this and why CA had   poorly designed it.what is the fix for it?.Can any one advice.At least can we hide that dicussions?

Title: Requisition discussion Email (Niku KB ID: 8701)
Applies To: 7.5.x Symptom: (But i hope the same for v8.1 & v12)
When a requisition discussion is submitted and the notify participants is checked. Thousands of users get the email. Why is this? These users are not participants in the project linked to the requisition Resolution: The resource management documentation guide for 7.5.3 states that 'You can use the Clarity Discussion feature from within a requisition to exchange messages and other information with requisition recipients. Only requisition recipients and others with access to the requisition can participate in discussions that are launched from within a requisition'. This means that requisition discussions are not only sent to requisition participants but to all resources with requisition rights. Checking the notify participants checkbox ensures that discussion recipients will receive notification by email that a new discussion message has arrived for their review. The discussion recipients for requisitions are all resources that have requisition rights.In the discussion entry you created, select the participant’s icon on the entry, this will display the resources that will receive the discussion email.