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Disable "Collaboration" tabs (in a Project)?

Question asked by Dave on Oct 5, 2009
Latest reply on Oct 5, 2009 by Paul_Maxwell
Am I being daft?   Is there a way to disable the "tabs" that appear in a Project that are related to the "Collaboration functions" in Clarity?  i.e. the "Action Item", "Documents", "Discussions", "Calendar"   etc.  These appear once a user has become a particpant upon the project (i.e. once they are staffed on the plan) and I have a PM who is saying he does not want to use the functionality on his project and so wants the tabs gone.  --  (I know I can affect some of the tabs appearing (or not) - like Risks/Issues just with access rights, but the "Collaboration" ones?????? (OR indeed the "Processes" and "Dashboard" tabs trhat appear when you have any sort of project-edit rights) )    Thanks,Dave.