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Blocking on DB Server when creating Projects

Question asked by Vasanth on Oct 5, 2009
Latest reply on Apr 8, 2010 by SankhadeepDhar
Hi All,  Did you all ever happen to Observer DB blocking when multiple users are trying to create Projects (Basically from Templates which have cost plans,benefit plans, documents etc attached to it).  We have the following Warnings recorded in the App Logs while this activity happens and it seems to be building up the log size and also does not allow other users to create/update Projects  WARN   2009-10-05 19:32:32,706 [http-XXXX-Processor14] niku.xql2 (user:9141093__1c01434e:projmgr.projectNewPost) Lock prInsertServiceLock held by user 5015484 requested by user 5048393  If you have happened to see the above issues what corrective actins have you taken?  Our set up is 8.1.1 on MS SQL 2005.  Any Help would be greatly appreciated.  Many Thanks,Vasanth