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How to invoke Action with links to multiple documents or a Document folder?

Question asked by marlon on Oct 8, 2009
Latest reply on Oct 9, 2009 by Paul_Maxwell
We have a custom process that sends an action item to a group.   The Primary Object on the process is 'Document', with a linked  sub-object of 'Project'.     We want that action item to have multiple Object links (or at a minimum a link to the Project collaboration folder that contains multiple documents).     Cannot see any way to set up a process to be able to be invoked on-demand from the FOLDER itself, only individual documents within that project.     The sign-off (action item) is for multiple documents against that projects' Collaboration tab.  Any info appreciated on how we can achieve this - without the recipient of the action item having to manually go to the project, then navigate to collaboration tab.  Thanks.Marlon.