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Automated way to remove acuals (hours and costs) from projects

Question asked by beekerc2 on Oct 12, 2009
Latest reply on Oct 22, 2009 by beekerc2
Looking to see if anyone out there has come across a solution for the following.  I have a system where actuals (hours and costs) are brought in using the IMP_TRANSACTION XOG, against projects with pre-defined tasks, resources and assignments.   Time entry is not done in Clarity.There is a requirement where workbreakdown structures will be re-defined (more granular) and I want to ensure that all previous record of hours and costs reflect this re-definition.   I still have the source data that build the IMP_TRANSACTION XML files so I can re-create the transactions at the more granular level, the problem is getting the existing data (hours and costs) of of the system so we can re-define the WBS and re-import the transactions.      Because of associated project data, including lots of sub-objects, completely dumping all the projects to wipe out Acutals is not an option.   Neither is performing WIP Reversals (as a manual process).  So I need to accomplish 3 things.1) remove financial transactions (PPA_WIP table, remove Actuals (hours) from the project/task/resource assignments (a BLOB in the PRASSIGNMENT table)3) remove the resource assignment from the task (PRASSIGNMENT table)  Item 1 - is easy - use the Purge Financial Table job, but this only removes the PPA_WIP records.   the Actual (hours) still remain attached to the project  Item 2 - I envision one of two possible solutionsSolution 1: For every IMP_TRANSACTION that was originally XOG'ed in, I repeat that XOG but with a negative amount for hours.   This does work as it zero's out the Actual (hours) in the project.   It does create another PPA_WIP entry, effectively doubling the size of PPA_WIP, but if I run the Purge Financial Table job (per Item 1), it doesn't matter because all the WIP table entries for that job will go away.Solution 2:   See if there's a way to perform WIP Adjustments (Reversals) and WIP Approvals in an autmoated fashion, either by Clarity funciton, or by SQL or GEL script, following all of the steps as revealed in SQLTrace  Either of those two solutions (only #1 has actually been tested, I'm working on picking through a SQLTrace file to see what code is actually relevant for #2).   However, it does leave the resource still attached to the project task, even though it shows zero hours of Actuals.   so....  Item 3 -   Does anyone know of a good solution to remove a resource from a project task, that's suitable for an automation?  oh yeah, all the transactions are strictly labor so hours and rates will be XOG'ed in via IMP_TRANSACTIONS  Thanks in advanceB