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Demand by role

Question asked by sundar on Oct 14, 2009
Latest reply on Oct 15, 2009 by another_martink
Gurus,  Iam in Clarity 7.5.2 Fixpack 02  We have started to do an role based allocations.For pipeline projects as we don't have named resources we will add the role and assign to an task and then allocate.After that the PM will raise requisitions and then if find an suitable resource the role will be replaced by named resource.Here my Question if an project needs   3 developers,i can add only one role called developer and allocate that role for an certain period.i can't add the Role developer thrice in the project-->Team object as it is an single record.only in the resource requisitions i will mention it as 3 resources(Custom attribute - No Of resources).  we are planning to provide an report demand   by resource / role specific to our organisational needs.There we need to show the column availability,allocation.Actually the resources need are 3 but it will showonly 1 role,but the avialability,allocation will be showing for an single resource, then the demand shown will be wrong.Until the role is replaced by resource we have an issue.  i tried the Out of Box Resource Planning Portlets it is showing an role...  How to handle this and how other companies are handling this...  Cheers,sundar