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Getting Cost Plan Unit & Cost data in porlets and reports

Question asked by beekerc2 on Oct 15, 2009
Latest reply on Apr 3, 2014 by steveva
[Apologies if this ends up a double post - I can't seem to find the one I submitted earlier.]  I need to pull cost plan detail data out of multiple projects for analysis.   The only visibility i can find is through the GUI or via XOG.   Looking into the FIN_COST_PLAN_DETAILS table, i discovered that the units and costs are encoded in a BLOB (makes sense, considering the time-varying nature of the data, but still had to check).   Scraping the numbers out the GUI is not an option.   Pulling them out via XOG would require deconstructing the XML, then taking data from the XML and looking up project data in the database. I need to either deliver this data via a portlet that I can export to excel, or with SQL to generate a report that i can output with comma's so excel can load it as a .csv file.  Is there a datamart table that would contain the cracked cost plan detail data?   or am I pretty much stuck with the multi-step option involving XOG?  ThanksBeekerC