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How do I filter and display OBS on Idea and Project

Question asked by bj on Oct 15, 2009
Latest reply on Feb 25, 2015 by Thao
I am really puzzled by this.   We have received advice from CA with regard to the use of OBS's in Clarity for our Idea and project objects.   We are essentially using 3 OBS's against a Project and Idea, one is  a traditional Organisational Breakdown Structure to identify the organisation for which the project is for, another identifies the physical locations, e.g. Australia, America, etc., and the other is another Organisation Breakdown Structure which identifies the part of the organisation responsible for delivering the project.idea.  This all seems really good, the problem in implementing for Ideas is that I cannot seem to work out how to add the three or even one of these OBS's as a filter on the Idea List screen.   Also I cannot work out how to show the value of these OBS's in the Idea list.   I assume there is a very simple solution but for the life of me cannot find it in Studio.   I also tried to create a Portlet to replace the Idea Object List screen and by default the Corporate OBS does appear as a filter but I cannot add this to the list screen.  Help!!