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Importing Data into Clarity.

Question asked by Brandon on Oct 16, 2009
Latest reply on Oct 17, 2009 by Paul_Maxwell
Hello,  I am new to clarity and I have been tasked with importing data into clarity.   I have downloaded the Clarity Integration Guide and briefly skimmed over it. The document says that there is a Web service that can be installed with clarity that will allow me to import data.I need to make sure the clarity web service is installed and then run the Create All Objecs command line, which should generate a bunch of web methods for this service. Correct?   The web methods that it generates from the objects, are they dynamic or static methods.   From the example it seems like the objects are generated from what is setup with in Clartiy. I would then create a .net project which has the clarity web reference.   After that I am kinda of loss.   I understand that I will need to call login from the web service and then writeideas?   Write Ideas takes a xmlstring, which defines my data import values, correct?  Can someone please point me in the write direction.  Thank you,  Brandon Rohrer