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Tracing OWB / Schedule Connect

Question asked by Dave on Oct 20, 2009
Latest reply on Apr 1, 2013 by Dave
Hi there,  General question;  Can I (SQL) trace what OWB / scheudule connect is upto on the database?  I have quickly tried the SQLTRACE_ACTIVE setting for the app but didn't get anything sensible - should that work (if so I'll persist with this!)  --      Why do I want to do this....?  I am getting an error out of OWB saving an off-line plan back to Clarity... "Unable to save project NIKU/xxxxxxx.   Referenced record does not exist in database".  I have looked this up on the KB and there is a bug #99990, but this is FIXED in the version I am on - 8.1 FP03 so it is not that causing the message.  So I want to know what OWB is up to in when it generates this error.  I do know that there is something odd about the plan I am trying to save back and the off-line plan has have some "extra resources" pasted into it by the user instead of adding them in Calrity (naughty-user!).... ultimately what I want to know is what I need to to do the off-line plan in order to get Clarity to accept the save back (I have tried removing the "pasted in" resources from the OWB plan, but that has not helped at all!)  Hmmm.  Any clues gratefully received.  Dave.