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Passing an object's ID to a NSQL portlet on a sub-object

Question asked by beekerc2 on Oct 30, 2009
Latest reply on Apr 1, 2010 by Paul_Maxwell
If this answer is already posted in this forum, my apologies, but I did look and couldn't find what I needed.  I need to write a series of NSQL portlets that   query custom subobjects (mostly of the Project object, but a couple others).   Since I only want to look at the sub-object instance records of the project instance that I'm currently in, I need to filter on ODF_PARENT_ID = .   How do I pass the ID value of the current Project to the NSQL so it will filter correctly?    And yes, I do want to hard code this restriction in the NSQL code.   I do not want to put in a default filter and lock the filters down.  ThanksBeekerC