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"Below the line" items

Question asked by Dotadmin on Nov 4, 2009
Latest reply on Nov 4, 2009 by Paul_Maxwell
Hello  We would like to record  time  non project  time (vacation, holidays, meetings etc.)  in Clarity 8.  In Niku 5, we had the ability to set up what we called "below the line" tasks. These tasks were set up by the system administrator. They appeared in the Niku timesheet under the main tasks. (There was a thick line that physically separated the two areas of the timesheet. The tasks  were really hard to find as I remember--there was no "visual cue" to tell you there was a drop down in the blank line. You had to know it was there. When you selected the dropdown, you could select Vacation, Holiday, Meetings, etc.) Is anyone familiar with this?  Thank you  Larry