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Clarity - MSP Integration - Mapping of Custom fields that use Static Look

Question asked by GRobertson on Nov 6, 2009
Latest reply on Nov 9, 2009 by GRobertson
We are in the process of implementing the Clarity (V12.0) to MSP integration.   We have a handful of fields that we would like to map to MSP, but they are based on static lookups which are not fully supported as part of the standard mapping functionality.   The result of this mapping is that MSP will display the lookup enum instead of the lookup code or lookup name.   There is a workaround for mapping custom attributes that reference lookups to text fields in Microsoft Project.   The basic design is to leverage a dynamic query for a custom object to serve as the reference lookup.   The custom object is used to store the required lookup values and the custom attribute references a dynamic query lookup for the custom object.   Making this change will require significant time and cost on our part as we will have to recreate these fields migrate data and update the appropriate reports, portlets, views, etc.   Therefore, we are interested in understanding how other organizations  have solved this challenge.   One possible workaround is to develop a macro configured to map the enum values to a user known/recognized value (i.e. 1 = Green).   The macro will need to be deployed to a user's workstation and run once for each project.   That introduces its' own support challenges too as domain values may change, macro deployment/updates to users, training, etc.   I have seen that release 12.0.3 has an enhancement  ( CLRT-37642 ) to a dd a hook into the MSP MPP so you custom code can be added to do best practice/error checking.   Not sure if that can be leveraged as a way to help solve this or not.    All suggestions, thoughts on alternatives, etc are welcome.  Thanks for your assistance!