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Problem with processes and auto-planification

Question asked by ca.portal.admin on Nov 9, 2009
Latest reply on Nov 10, 2009 by another_martink
Hello everybody,  
I have a problem with some of my processes that do not start after an autoplanification :
I created processes to update certain dates of my projet page (because calculated dates do not differenciate weekends and workdays) , these specific dates are connected to the end or the beginning of some tasks in the WBS. These processes are meant to start whenever the right task is modified, as specified in the execution condition.   When I modifiy the tasks manually in the WBS, the processes start and it works just fine : the dates are updated by my processes.
When I do an auto-planification that modifies the tasks (those connected to the execution condition of my processes), nothing happens: the processes do not start (according to the logs in the organizer) though the start condition is met, as if the modifications were done in shadow mode, not detected by the process.
Did anyone meet this problem before   ?  Thank you for your help !  Regards