Re: Invalid transaction- Project on hold

Discussion created by another_martink on Nov 12, 2009
Latest reply on Nov 13, 2009 by sundar
If you are referring to the Invalid transactions you see in Admin Tool - Project Management   the table is imp_transactionimport and the descriptions of the error codes are in imp_transactionimporterrors.  The entries are created when timesheets are posted.  They are moved on with Transaction post to financials unless one of the error condition is met.Then you have make and adjustment timesheet to correct the error. If the error is not in the timesheet, but no matching matrix row, missing resource or project financial information you fix those first and the create an adjustment timesheet with the same data as before in order to create a reversing entry for the errored one and a proper entry which will passon with Transaction post to financials job.  If you get "invalids" that means that you are posting time on projects that are financially on hold.  Once these transaction are in   WIP they are no longer connecte to these "invalids".  If you are referring to something else, please elaborate.  Martti K.