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ERQ 91054 - Document Approval Process

Question asked by sundar on Nov 19, 2009
Latest reply on Nov 24, 2009 by Chris_Hackett
Hi,     we are in 7.5.2 and working on v12.0.4 upgrade.   We are looking for an Document Approval Process â€" It is nearly the same mentioned in this ERQ 91054.It seems it is fixed in v 8.0 FP 02 and available to all.Hope this ERQ  should be available for all Customers in v12 ,but when we downloaded the v12.0.4 and installed in our local machine we are not able to find that process under admin-->process.  Don't know if any thing iam missing here.How to get that process,any pack required?               Tech Document
Title:   How can I get the ability from a document process to access the object roles/resource/resource fields/template roles on a project where the document is associated to (Niku KB ID: 8019) 
How can I get the ability from a document process to access the object roles/resource/resource fields/template roles on a project where the document is associated to?   CAUSE
Prior to 8.0 FP02 this was not possible.   WORKAROUND
In 8.0 FP02 Enhancement Request 91054 was implemented.
There was a need to have a dynamic lookup on the Studio document object (which is only there for BPM to run processes against it) that references the project instance where the document resides. Wtih this association, BPM 8.0 document processes are able to access the project object via multiple objects in BPM 8.0. Since the document object is not a true Studio object, we need the ability for the document manager to set the dynamic lookup to the proper project instance. This will allow BPM 8.0 document process to access the project object roles/resource/resource fields/template roles for the proper approvals for the document   STATUS/RESOLUTION
Implementation of ERQ 91054   MORE INFORMATION
The original ERQ read as follows:
Summary of Enhancement: (Please provide a brief description of the enhancement request)
The Customer intends to use Clarity to automate known best practices on their projects. For example, they know that their successful project teams have their technical design documents reviewed by the technical team lead assigned to the project, the architect assigned to the project, the quality lead assigned to the project, and the application support lead assigned to the project. Teams with a less successful track record consistently forget to have their technical design reviewed by at least one of these people. They can avoid this problem if the document approval workflow automatically routes the documents to the people in the key roles on that specific project.
" How you think the product works now: (Please provide a brief description of how you think the product works now. This will help us to determine if your experience is due to a design issue or if you may be encountering a bug in the product.)
Documents can be uploaded into Clarity and associated with projects. But the document object workflow is unable to access any attributes of the project. This means that the document cannot be routed to the specific people assigned to key roles on that particular project.
In the current release, workflow steps can be assigned to project roles only for processes attached to a project and when a project template is used.
" How you would like the product to work: (Please provide a clear step by step description of what you would like the feature to do. Please include descriptions of the specific pages or feature area you want enhanced along with screenshots.)
Customer needs the ability to route documents to project roles with full document management functionality. Additional details to the example above in bold: " They may have anywhere from 2-50 technical designs on a given project, and the workflow for each would be the same, but the resources assigned the project roles may change over time.
" Technical design is just one example of the document workflows that they want to automate.
" They require the document management functionality such as version control, and check in/check out capability
They want the document to be an attachment to the action item. " What is the business impact to your implementation: (Please provide a brief description of your specific business reason for wanting this enhancement. This will help our Product Management team understand how it impacts you.)
As stated above. " What value do you believe this enhancement adds to the market value of the product: (Please provide your view on how this enhancement would add value to the existing product on an overall market level).
I believe this enhancement would be useful to many customers who have formal document approval processes in place. This functionality would be useful to most major corporations that have mature document approval processes and methodologies in place.   Keywords
document process    cheers,  sundar