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Key Tasks and Milestone report - question

Question asked by Kris_Sham on Nov 19, 2009
Latest reply on Nov 20, 2009 by sundar
I have two questions on the  out-of-box (PMO Accelerator)  'Key Tasks and Milestone' report.  1. What is the correct  interpretation of the 'Status' icon (green, yellow, red), the last field on  each line of the report? It is supposed to indicate the status of the task or the milestone, but I cannot find the correct interpretation. The documemntation does not mention it. CA support seems to be not able to find an answer on this.  2. I upgraded from Clarity 8.1.03 to 8.1.3 two weeks ago. I also upgraded Actuate to 9i and the PMO Accelerator at that time.  After the upgrade, the Status icon on the report is not showing up (it shows as an empty boc with an x in it). But if I save the report to  a pdf, it shows correctly. What is the option that would display it on the Actuate report? (I reinstalled the Adobe SVG viewer just to be sure, but it did not work.)  Thanks!