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Value is too large error on Calculated Read Only attribute

Question asked by beekerc2 on Dec 1, 2009
Latest reply on Mar 14, 2014 by Biljana_Custovic
I'm getting a "Value is too large error" that I can't figure out.   Here's the situation.....In the Project object I wanted to control the editability of the Project Name and Project ID values, but the normal security model would not allow me to dictate "this group can edit, but this group cannot".   My solution was to put the attributes on a sub-page that I could control access to via security rights, however, I would still need to make the ID and Name fields visible in the General Properties page.   So I created Calculated/Virtual string fields for ID and Name.   The calculated expression is just the concat function with a single attribute reference.   The problem is when I hit save or submit, I get the "Value is too large" error and it points to the virtual Name field, and even opens it up for editing, which is odd because it is, by defnition, a read-only attribute.   I have to shorten it to about 10 characters in order for the save/submit button to be accepted, but since it's virtual, it doesn't any chances to the name (which it should not).   I have checked SQL trace and the app log, but nothing there indicates what could be going on.  Any ideas?ThanksBeekerC