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Timesheet validation

Question asked by Itai on Dec 2, 2009
Latest reply on Dec 7, 2009 by Itai
Hi,  I would like to have your view on the timesheet validation process below.  We set up a timesheet controls thanks to the process functionality of Clarity.  Step1: a user enters his timesheetStep2: the validation job linked to the process is checking different controls. If the control failed we update the timesheet status to rejected and if not the status remains submitted.  Problem with that:1. everybody who has approved rights for the user gets a notification whatever the results of validation2. we can skip the validation by submitting and approving the timesheet right away. It doesn't let time the process engine to run the validations checks.  Today when  I enter a non numeric information in the timesheet, i have a nice message. It will be really great if we can configure that for others checks. When will it be possible? Does someone know?  ThanksBest regardsItaï