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Individual Investments Portlet on the Portfolio Contents Tab

Question asked by doshea on Dec 2, 2009
Latest reply on Jan 8, 2010 by ca.portal.admin
Functionality Question.   I am using a project power filter toload /.synchronize project investments for a portfolio.   The projects are loaded and all of them have are updated through an interface to reflect the proper department.   When I use the project power filter, it seems to work fine as it is finding investments that need to be added or removed from the porfolio.   However, this process seems to do nothing for the standard Individual Investments portlet on the contents tab.The only way I can load investments  viewable in the portlet is to use the add function and select each investment individually.   This seems to make the use of a power filter rather useless.  Is this how the clarity functionality is meant to work?   Or  am I missing something in the set up process or loading of the project (or other) data.