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Questions about NSA / Process Engine

Question asked by AndreaMc on Dec 3, 2009
Latest reply on Dec 7, 2009 by Paul_Maxwell
We are running 7.5.2 on AIX (with Oracle and Websphere.)Our process engine is extremely sluggish.I have looked through the documentation and the only information I can find is the default settings for the NSA.   No explanation of how it works.  I ran a process this morning and it took almost half an hour to start and another half an hour to finish.The process has exactly 2 steps - Start and Finish.   And Start locks one field.This is painful.  Our NSA is set as follows:Maximum concurrent jobs = 10Run Process Engine = noInterval (in minutes) = 5  We only have a couple hundred users, and while our some of our processes are moderately complex, they should not be an issue.Can someone explain how the process engine works exactly and how the NSA should be set?Thanks,Andrea