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Niku services getting reset to manual startup

Question asked by beekerc2 on Dec 3, 2009
Latest reply on Dec 3, 2009 by beekerc2
Is anyone else seeing behavior like this?We're running 12.0 SP4, and every time i've had to reboot the server, all the Niku services are not started up because the startup type is set to "Manual".   Tomcat and Business Objects both start up automaticall.At first I thought it might be the server restart or windows logoff activity, but i looked at the services console (services.msc) before and after those actions and did not see a change in state.Next I made sure all the Niku services were set to "Automatic" startup and ran "Niku Start All" at the command line.   I manually refreshed services console as this was running and actually watched the startup type change from "Automatic" to "Manual" as each service started.   As a sanity check, I stopped all the Niku services, reset the startup type to "Automatic" and restarted all the services manually from the services console.   the startup types stayed "Automatic".  I'm pretty sure this is not expected behavior, where the Niku command resets the service startup type, but I wanted to see if anyone has seen this, or knows of something i'm overlooking, before i open a case.ThanksBeekerC