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Urgent: Default Value not showing

Question asked by lchung on Dec 6, 2009
Latest reply on Jan 4, 2017 by Dave_3.0
Hi, [left] [left] this is urgent. [left] [left] We created attributes with Money Data type.   all these new attributes defaulted value of 0.000 is not showing on the created page.   [left] The Object fields, default value is also updated with 0.000 and again not showing. [left] [left] What also interesting is that when tried to change the 0.000 default value  to just 0 or 0.00, the system will not save.   the only way will save is leaving the default value blank.   But, we don't want it blank because a newly created portlet  calculations depend on all these fields.   So if one of these entered fields are left blank the new portlet will not pick up the rest of the entered values.   We don't want to make all the fields as required fields to the users either. [left] [left] Any suggestions why the Default value is not showing? [left] [left] thank you! [left]