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Users Searching Records

Question asked by MaxPemberton on Dec 14, 2009
Latest reply on Dec 9, 2010 by Robert Ensinger
Hi all,We have a number of text fields within our Risk object that, when read together, make up the risk statement. We figured it would be ideal for users to be able to search the system for risks that other users had raised already by entering a key  word or phrase. Does anybody know whether there is a way to search an entire record for a keyword or string? I have done it with a power filter but wanted to avoid the users having to type a word or phrase in a number of times. Has anyone created a search type portlet or is there another way?  For info: We are using Clarity (r12)  on a Hosted service so I don't neccesarily have the full control of the system that some might, and I am a bit new to this so please forgive if this is an obvious answer - I couldn't find aything on the forum (though probably missed something) and couldn't see anything in the knowledge base either.  Thanks for your help.
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