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Process - Multi approval

Question asked by Itai on Dec 14, 2009
Latest reply on Jan 11, 2010 by Clarity_User_09
Hi ,  I have the followings questions regading the multi approval processes:   if  I enter time on different projects the same week, I would like that the PM of project A approves  time of project  A and the PM of project B approves the time of project B. Is it possible to do that via the approval right or should i use the action item? Is there any possibilities in V12?
Now if i use the action items,  let's say that at the end of the month neither PM A neither PM B approve the timesheets. It is blocking the month end closure. So  we set up a new role the resource manager who have approval rights. The problem is that if he approves, the timesheet status is updated to  approved but the action itmes of PM  A and PM B    are updated after one hour. Does anyone set up these kind of processes? We are using V7.5.3 maybe there are new things in V12 that can make it easier....  Thanks for your feedback  Best regardsItaï