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Removing buttons / links from the GUI

Question asked by Dave on Dec 16, 2009
Latest reply on Apr 14, 2016 by nick_darlington
Hello,  These are two very nasty questions I think;  1) Suppose I want to remove a button (specifically the "Create Issue" button on the Risk edit page) from the GUI.    How do I do this? (and I fully expect the answer to be "you can't", but I want the answer to be "you need to (unsupported) edit this piece of XML").  I have worked out how to change the label (edit the file), but the button is still on screen and active even if I remove all the text.    2) Suppose I want to remove the subtab LINK to "Issues"; so that I don't even get that option when I am in the "Project" - "Risks/Issues/Changes" tab  How do I do that?  I have spent some time looking through the code, but I can't spot the files that contain this.  --Hopefully someone can immediately give me the answer? (i.e. please don't go looking for it - you'll go bonkers looking through the Clarity code for too long!)  Dave.