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Missing STAFF members

Question asked by Dave on Dec 17, 2009
Latest reply on Jan 5, 2010 by Dave
Has anyone encountered (this is in 7.5.3) a problem where project STAFF members have gone missing?  --  We allocated some resources to a project (thus making them STAFF and PARTICPANTS).   Now some time later, we look at the project in Clarity (7.5.3) and they are not in the STAFF list (but they are still in the PARTICIPANT list).  Clarity will not let us re-add them to the STAFF list (which it would do if we had just removed them as STAFF) - and there are still entries for the resources on the PRTEAM table.  --  I think the project has got "corrupted" somehow, but I do not know where to start to "fix" it.  We also can not open the plan in OWB, this may/may not be related (OWB throws a "Missing parameter the resource couldn't be found in this project team" error)  Dave.