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Dynamic Query Lookup

Question asked by Kees-A-Jansen on Dec 22, 2009
Latest reply on Jan 6, 2010 by Dave
Clarity  I have defined a lookup with source = Dynamic Query on object Project.De query is:  SELECT   @SELECT:CASE nvl(inv.GOAL_CODE, 'Leeg')
  WHEN 'Leeg' THEN ' '
  WHEN 'Beheer' THEN 'Beheer'
  WHEN 'Onderhoud' THEN 'Onderhoud'
  WHEN 'Not_Available' THEN 'Indirect'
  ELSE 'Projecten'
WHERE 1 = 1
AND inv.ID = @WHERE:PARAM:XML:INTEGER:/data/id/@value@  The intention is to derive the value from another lookup (goal).The result, when displayed on a project properties page, and when the value of goal has been changed and when SAVE has been pushed, that I still have to select the derived value. It displays [--Select--] and the drop down gives me the choice between [--Select--] and the derived value.I tried to make the attribute read-only, but for that a default must be specified and that is not possible for a Dynamic Query Lookup attribute.  All suggestions how to overcome this are welcome.  Thanks,Kees